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Sputnik Team

Snow team

Heinrich Watson - Miller

Heinrich has a hugely individual style and you can always spot him shredding his local spot of the snow centre in
hemel hempstead. Heinrich's trick book is vast and always original. we think that is one of our favourite things about
him, you never know what he is going to do next. Away at university for a while, he will keep shredding and take
on the UK Uni snow scene, we hope he comes back with lots of new achievements! Super fun to ride with and 
possibly even more fun to watch ride!

Alise Balode

Alise Balode Sputnik Team Rider

Alise is the newcomer on the Team. She has been rocking Hemel Centre since it opened and has progressed incredibly.
Alise loves getting other girls involved and had really helped push girls riding and especially the sputnik girls
riding on the freestyle nights at Hemel. Hailing from Latvia, she brings a european influence to the snow team
and we look forward to watching her improve month by month. She is now sponsored by Nikita and the Snow Centre!


Skate Team

Chris Healey

Chris is a newcomer to the team. His all out flair and style stands him out from the crowd and his skill is unmatched.
He is continually getting shots at every location he visits and is a great ambassador for the shop.
The great thing with chris is he is constantly getting better, so we are all excited to see what comes in the future!


Charlie Smee

Charlie is one of the quietest kids you will ever meet – but don’t let that fool you!
His skating ability talks for itself, and when he is busting tricks like nollie tre flips, its no wonder people take notice of him.
A local kid, Charlie mainly skates at High Wycombe skate park, but has also travelled to other spots and has been spotted at Hemel’s XC and Newbury Park among others.
He is one kid to take notice of for the future – were just stoked he skates for us!


Alistair Freeman

Alistair Sputnik Team Rider
Alistair is a very laid back character and when you watch him skate you wonder how he gets away with his tricks!
His safety trick is the biggest treflip you will ever see and his hardflips are immense. Alastair would skate everyday,
all day if he could, and loves a good hip to work on his flips. Not much of a contest skater, but when you put a
video camera on him, he very quickly delivers the goods! If you ever get the chance to see Alistair skate just
sit back and watch him for a bit – you will defiantly be entertained!

Jus Moore

Jus Sputnik Team Rider
Jus was one of the first names down on the sheet when we discussed the Sputnik Skate Team,
his influence over the local area in the last few years is incredible – everybody knows who he is and what he can do!
Now living in London, he helps promote the shop in the Capital, and when he has time he has also
started his own clothing company – Blasé
His style is unique and when challenged to a game of skate, there is usually only one winner!