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19 years ago Smokin’ Jay took a step almost every snowboarder has dreamed of and became a full time snowboarder.  He took his passion for shred and made it his job, to create handmade and award winning snowboards in his own factory in Lake Tahoe USA.


Smokin’ Snowboards from their most basic form begin in the hands of riders.  From the graphic and board designers, wood workers, edgers, office boys, layup crew and finishers we all live for the shred.  Without a single outside investor from day one we have managed to grow organically into the comfortable place we are in and simply seek to continue to increase our reach to other snowboarders.  Creating a product that is made by riders from inception to first ride is a gift and all we want to do is share it with as many people as we can.


Every season we learn how to better perfect our craft.  Each year we surprise ourselves with how much more refined our product becomes and like anything in the world  “practice makes perfect”.  We are committed to you, to our products, to the stoke of ripping powturns and finding perfect trannies.  We selflessly toil for endless hours making sure we have made the best product we can make.. Then we figure out how to improve it.


Every dollar made from a Smokin’ Snowboard is a dollar injected back into snowboarding.   Every dollar earned was earned with blood, sweat, tears and love. We are Snowboarders from back when snowboarding was just some punk kids wearing wacky looking gear and ripping nose grabs off the cat track.  We have evolved with snowboarding but in our own direction.  We have evolved into grown folks with those same anti establishment mentalities and an angst filled messages but we have a much better vessel to express it.


Smokin’ Snowboards is proud of what we have accomplished and we promise to continue to better ourselves for the sake of snowboarding, not the approval of anyone’s board of directors.


The most powerful statement one could make would be to directly support snowboarding by riding a snowboarder owned brand and a board built by snowboarders hands.  To do anything less is to support investors only concerned with trends and lining the pockets of people that do not honestly care about snowboarding at all.


Ride a Smokin’ Snowboard and you will be directly supporting snowboarding in it’s most natural, real form.   We are honored to make your boards and proud of what we are offering.  Catch us in the liftline or on the boot path and we promise to chuck you a solid high five.


Viva La Shred.

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